Preliminary Planning

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Planning Significance

   With a goal in achieving a straightforward and well ordered building process, there is a large amount of required pre-planning to take place before breaking ground. This organization allows us to create a metaphorical ‘stage-production’ with our projects. Bringing together numerous quality contractors, material needs for the project, necessary permitting, and the blueprints, allows us to create a ‘script’ for how the project should unfold. When we break ground for the project, we strive to have 90% of design details in place. This ensures most potential obstacles are worked through prior to construction allowing for an economical, quality, and predictable process. 

Material Sourcing

Through-out our time in south-west Montana we have developed an extensive supply chain network for the many different materials needed in modern custom homes.  From reclaimed materials to fine hardwoods, and antique steel, we will be able to access the materials to meet the needs of your unique design.

Design Detail Organization

Many times there are design details that are required after your architect finishes with the blueprints. This can feel overwhelming as these are the personal design decisions from you in order to create your individual build. We will facilitate those decisions in order to make it as enjoyable, productive, and smooth as possible. Whether there may be an interior designer involved, or if you are implementing your own design ideas into your home, we will bring a sense of order to this phase of the planning process.