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On-Site Management

Zeman Building is onsite to provide the necessary structure, guidance, and information for our contractors to work at their fullest potential throughout the entire process of the build. As questions or oversights arise in designs, Zeman Building provides creative, intelligent solutions, allowing people to work seamlessly and at their highest quality potential. 

Maintaining Transparency

You are an important part of the building process as your home is created. Through pictures, video, and available applications for mobile devices, we aim to bring you into the creation of your design. Regular progress updates allow you see from across town, or around the world, the transformation of your design into reality. From our professional budgeting and invoicing protocols, to the real world construction progress pictures presented throughout the build,  Zeman Building offers full transparency on every aspect of the construction process. Transparency is what builds trust. Trust in your building company is fundamental and inherent to every successful project. 

Working through Changes

Inevitably there will be modifications to your project, this is to be expected. Ideas evolve while building homes and those alterations sometimes change the overall scope of the project.  We will facilitate those changes so you are aware of how that change will affect the overall budget and timeline of your home allowing you to be, at all times, aware of the status of your build.