Design Consultation Services

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Design Strategy

Every home begins in concept and design. Having us involved with your architect, on a limited basis, with concept development can provide valuable insight into possibly overlooked method or material. A Builder on your design team helps to bring practical, proven solutions to the project.

Working With Your Architect

We like to work with every architect our clients do. We help provide your architect with valuable perspectives informed by on-site experience, the most up-to-date information on materials availability and cost, as well as property information. 

The culmination of our time with your architect is typically a home design that fits the form, function, and budget you are expecting to achieve in your project.

Forming Your Budget

As your home's concept begins to come together with your design team, we begin to build out a budget. Having a working budget that changes organically with different drafts allows you to tailor the home to an achievable cost long before breaking ground.